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Wellwood Orchards, Inc. has been owned and operated by Roy Mark since 1981.  Roy has 4 daughters (Aggie, Linda, Patty and Sherry) that are owners of the corporation as well. When Roy bought Wellwood Orchards in 1981 it was in need of a lifetime of hard work. It was a producing farm but mainly a wholesale business with a small retail store.
Over the years of sweat equity and with the integration of new crops such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, Roy realized the apple orchard may be better suited as a Pick Your Own (PYO) venue. He took the gamble and pruned all the trees down to ground picking height and put the ladders away for the last time.
The petting zoo was soon born and weekend wagon rides into the orchard during apple season came to be a staple. The small retail store expanded into a large, well stocked Country Store.  The views from the orchard are spectacular and the experience is always memorable.
For four decades Roy has maintained and added to the farms production and business culture. As Roy would say… “I’ve had the help of a lot of staff, family and friends now and throughout the years. I didn’t do it alone. I think just about every teenager in town worked here back in the day” and he’s right! Multiple generations of families return to visit us at Wellwood’s every season. Many will search for Roy to take a moment and tell him tales of their experience working at the orchard or visiting as a customer over the years. He looks forward to this time and makes himself available to shoot the breeze. He is a fine storyteller himself!
As we continue to grow our business we will continue to evolve. We will add new methods of operations and incorporate some new faces  and bring back some old. We will adapt as needed to provide our customers with a safe, affordable experience that is family “tradition” friendly.
We hope that you will make us part of your family tradition!
~The Wellwood Orchards Family

April 2016 – Updated September 2023

Roy Mark has 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, The newest baby girl born 11-30-21! *big love*


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