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1. No matter how pretty and red they are, do not pick Red Delicious apples until their season! They will be too hard and dry to enjoy. *NOT RIPE* 🙂

2. Honey Crisp: Please do not pick Apples if we tell you they are not ready. Yes, you will see the apples you want growing on the trees; but picking them now will only yield unsatisfactory flavor. Please wait until they are ready for picking. We want you to enjoy every bite.


ORCHARD ETIQUETTE  (you will also find this information on the IN-Cider News Page!)

While you are here visiting as our GUEST please remember that our fruit trees and plantings are a long term investment for us. We put thousands of dollars and man hours into our crops. So while visiting please respect our farm the same way you would want visitors to respect your garden.

Keep children with you at all times. You are responsible for their safety.

Petting Zoo: do not chase the animals. Pet them, feed them and enjoy them. They are all very friendly. Please note that they need a rest at the end of the day so refrain from visiting after hours.
Absolutely No vehicles in the orchard during apple season. If you need special permission please ask.
When picking apples gently lift and twist the apple. This prevents damage to the tree and prevents other fruit from falling to the ground.

Be careful not to damage the trees. Do not climb on the trees. This causes damage.
Sampling of our fruit while in the Orchard is an expected part of the PYO (pick your own) experience, within reason. Please do not waste fruit. We want you to enjoy our Apples.

Eating most or all of the fruit you have picked; hiding fruit or merchandise with the intention of not paying for it, is stealing! Plain and simple. Please do not steal from us. We spend a lot of time and money to allow you this experience, often just to break even. This is our livelihood.

PYO Apples must be in a bag purchased from Wellwood’s on the day of your visit. NO other bags are allowed to collect apples, including backpacks.
Please report any theft you see immediately! Help us to continue to provide a safe environment for your family. Stealing is a crime and Police will be notified.
Be aware of moving cars and farm equipment.

Please do not litter! We have trash receptacles in many areas.

Thank You from the Wellwood Orchards Family

NEW 2016 No DOG Policy

Wellwood Orchards, Inc. has given our NO DOG POLICY great thought and we have taken the advice of other orchards and institutions on the matter.
We agree that allowing dogs is a *risk that we can easily eliminate while still providing the safety and family atmosphere for all of our customers.

As of January 1, 2016 we will
in any field or orchard
during harvest.
Service Dogs should be properly identified.
(A public entity may ask if the animal is required because of a disability and what work or task the animal has been trained to perform).

no dogs

Field Contamination, UVM

*Domestic animals can carry human pathogens. To the extent possible, keep farm pets and other domestic animals out of fields that are close to harvest. If you have U-Pick fields, keep customers’ pets out of production areas (or create a designated dog area away from crops).

Thank you for your consideration- Wellwood Orchards, Inc. Management.

I dreamed that I went to the city of gold, To Heaven resplendent and fair; And, after I entered that beautiful fold, By one in authority there I was told That not a Vermonter was there!

“Impossible,” said I. “A host from my town Have sought this delectable place, And each must be here with a harp and a crown, A conqueror’s palm and clean linen gown Received through merited grace.”

The angel replied, “All Vermonters come here When first they depart from the earth, But after a day or a month or a year They become restless and lonesome and homesick appear And sigh for the land of their birth.

“They tell of its many and beautiful hills Where forest majestic appear; Its rivers and lakes and its streams and its hills Where nature the purest of water distills, And they soon get dissatisfied here.”

“They tell of ravines, wild, secluded and deep, Of clover-decked landscapes serene, Of towering mountains, imposing and steep Adown which the torrents exulting leap Through forests perennially green.”
“We give them the best that the Kingdom provides, They have everything here that they want; But not a Vermonter in Heaven abides, A very short time period here he resides, Then hikes his way back to Vermont!”

[E. F. Johnstone]”


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