Wellwood Orchards, Inc Covid Policy August 14, 2020
UPDATE August 14, 2020: items 1-4
  1. MASKS must be worn outside too if you cannot stay 6 feet apart.
2. Also you may enter or exit through either of our store doors now.
3. New signage will be posted. Please read it and abide by the rules during these difficult times.
4. Stay home if you are coughing, sick or have been exposed to Covid.
5. We are working on a new store front in the Sugar House. We will be selling PYO bags there on busy weekends this year.
6. We Plan to have wagon rides for PYO apples as always. Wear a mask while on the wagons and do not eat fruit while in the orchard.
Please take a moment to read our new plan to reduce your risk and ours as we get through this.
We ask for your cooperation with ALL of our new procedures.
During the pandemic we must DISCOURAGE large gatherings, lingering, or visiting inside.
· We will have a directional flow in the store to promote physical distancing
· Maintain 6 feet from others inside and outside
· Masks are required in the store. If you can’t wear a mask in the store, please send someone in that IS wearing a mask or call us and we will come out to your car when possible.
· No containers from home. You must pick into our containers for all fruits. Come into the store before any picking.
· Please wash your hands before and after picking.
· Please DO not eat fruit while picking. If you TRY a fruit, put the remains in your pocket, not on the ground.
· Children will need extra supervision to stay close, not eat or drop fruits
· Weekends: We may have an outdoor tent and traffic flow through the dooryard to pick up baskets/bags, learn directions to the field and to pay. See signage upon arrival if tent option is available.
· We will have a few picnic tables out. Please be courteous and do not linger.
· NO PETS ALLOWED at the orchard
· Please continue to support us by PAYING for ALL fruit picked.
The Petting Zoo
· Pay into the money box unless there is an attendant
· Wash your hands before and after visiting
· Never PICK UP the animals
· Never CHASE the animals
· Enter at your own risk, as always

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